Friday, March 23, 2012

My Country& Culture: 
The country where the short story The Bracelet came from is the European country of France.
The country has a population of 59,329,691 which was recorded in the year of 2002. Frances population rank is third on the continent of Europe , but is ranked sixteenth in the world. The range of ages in the country of France is between 16 years old to 65 years old. During the 19th century France held the majority of Europe's population.  By the time of the early 20th century France held the record for lowest birth rate. The lowest birth rate is due to the efforts of the government and a baby boom after World War Two. The United Nations expects France to have their  population reach 61,662,000 by the year of 2025. France has immigration policies which don't attract outsiders to live there. The country makes up one of the most industrialized countries along with other countries in the world.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

My Essay:

For our research projects we had to pick a short story. The short story I picked was the Bracelet by French author Colette. In the Bracelet there are a man and woman by the names of Madame and Francois Augelier. The couple lives in France during the French industrialization period. Francois is a is a wealthy industrialist who travels around the continent of Europe doing business. He is a man who likes to make his wife happy by showering her with luxurious gifts. Madame is not to keen with receiving all these gifts from her husband. She is not happy because she is a lady who is just happy with life not just material items. 
I would ask Madame Augelier one question. I would ask Madame why she is she not happy with being spoiled by Francois. The second question I would ask Madame is why she would feel uncomfortable with all the nice gifts that have clearly came from his heart. If I were Madame I would embrace the thought that counts that he put into buying these gifts for her. 
The next thins about the story that im questioning is her love towards Francois. Madame calls her husband “poor Francois” because she feels like she doesn't love him enough. She should of been at least been honest with him.